AR-15 "PULL FOR FREEDOM" 15-Piece Laser-Engraved Extended/ Ambidextrous Motto Parts Kit

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Product Description This listing is for One (1) Factory New 15-Piece AR-15 Laser-Engraved "PULL HANDLE FOR FREEDOM" Motto Parts Kit. Operational enhancements include ambidextrous charging handle and extended pins & trigger guard. Product Details Kit includes: 1. Charging Handle Assembly, Ambidextrous Function 2. Ejection Port Cover, Dual Engraving, Visible Open or Closed 3. Ejection Port Cover Pin 4. Ejection Port Cover Retaining Ring 5. Ejection Port Cover Spring 6. Take Down Pin, Extended 7. Take Down Pin Detent 8. Take Down Pin Detent Spring 9. Pivot Pin, Extended 10. Pivot Pin Detent 11. Pivot Pin Detent Spring 12. Magazine Catch 13. Trigger Guard, Extended/ Winter Dimensions 14. Trigger Guard Roll Pin 15. Trigger Guard Hex Screw Charging handle and trigger guard are black anodized aluminum, other engraved parts are carbon steel with black oxide finish. All parts are fabricated in the USA from American raw materials. As a precondition of sale, Buyer agrees to release Seller from all liability, whether criminal or civil, arising from the purchase, ownership, possession, use or misuse of this item. By purchasing this item, you warrant you are US Citizen and that you are legally allowed to purchase and possess this item.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review