AR-10 80% Lower Receiver Kit/ DPMS LR-308 1pk 36-Piece Ultimate Lower Parts Kit - Nickel Boron + Extras

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This listing is for One (1) Factory New Ultimate 36-Piece AR-10 Lower Parts Kit.

We've taken our favorite components from our own builds and put them together in one convenient bundle for AR-10 builders getting started on a new project, or simply picking up an extra LPK to put in the safe for a "rainy day".

Product Details - AR-10 36-Piece Ultimate LPK

  1. Buffer Retainer Pin
  2. Buffer Retainer Spring
  3. Take Down Pin - Extended
  4. Take Down Pin Detent
  5. Take Down Pin Detent Spring
  6. Safety Selector
  7. Safety Selector Detent
  8. Safety Selector Detent Spring
  9. Pistol Grip
  10. Pistol Grip Screw
  11. Pistol Grip Lock Washer
  12. Trigger - Nickel Boron Coated
  13. Trigger Pin - Tapped Stainless Steel Anti-Walk
  14. Trigger Spring
  15. Disconnector - Nickel Boron Coated
  16. Disconnector Spring
  17. Hammer - Nickel Boron Coated
  18. Hammer Pin - Slotted Stainless Steel Anti-Walk
  19. Hammer Spring
  20. Anti-Walk Pin Sideplate 1 - Black Nitride Coated
  21. Anti-Walk Pin Sideplate 2 - Black Nitride Coated
  22. Anti-Walk Pin Non-Marring Brass Starter Tip
  23. Anti-Walk Pin Torx Screw 1 - Threadlocker Pre-coat
  24. Anti-Walk Pin Torx Screw 2 - Threadlocker Pre-coat
  25. Anti-Walk Pin Torx Wrench 1
  26. Anti-Walk Pin Torx Wrench 2
  27. Bolt Catch
  28. Bolt Catch Plunger
  29. Bolt Catch Spring
  30. Bolt Catch Screw Pin
  31. Magazine Catch
  32. Magazine Catch Button
  33. Magazine Catch Spring
  34. Pivot Pin - Extended
  35. Pivot Pin Detent
  36. Pivot Pin Detent Spring

All parts are fabricated in the USA from American raw materials.

Pistol grip of polymer construction following the standard A2 pattern.

Extended easy-grip takedown and pivot pins included with every bundle.

NiB-coated trigger group offers superior action, crisp break/ reset and eliminates grittiness experienced with uncoated parts. Nickel boron offers near-equivalent lubricity to nickel teflon with dramatically superior wear and heat resistance.

Stainless steel anti-walk trigger and hammer pins offer enhanced reliability and will not 'walk themselves out' with repeated actuation of the trigger group. And they look darn good, too.

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