How do I pay for my GunBroker order?

For credit card orders, hang tight, we will be sending a payment link to your email shortly. Be sure to check your Spam folder. Simply click the link, enter your information on the Quickbooks payment page, and you're done! We send out links 3 times per day, and payments take 1-2 business days to clear.

For check & money orders, please make your payment out to Meridian Merchant Group, and mail it to:

Meridian Merchant Group
7304 Angell Rd
Gerald MO 63037

We recommend using certified mail so you get a tracking number on your envelope.

For GunBroker Pay orders, you're all set! Your payment will be marked Pending in our account for a few days, and once your payment clears, your order will be shipped!

Regardless of payment method, your shipping confirmation and tracking number will be automatically sent to you at the time your order ships.


How much does it cost to ship my order?

We provide USPS Priority Shipping for FREE. The price you see on the listing is the final price you pay (some states also charge sales tax).

We may charge extra for shipments to Alaska and Hawaii. We will check the rates at the time you place your order.

We do not offer any other shipping methods at this time.


What if my shipping information doesn't match my billing information?

This has the potential to be identity theft, so we have to sort that out with you. If you are shipping somewhere other than your billing address, please send us a note explaining why. ESPECIALLY if you're sending it to another person (different name). We are seeing this a lot with gifts.

If the contact information (phone, email) does not match on the billing and shipping information, this is a red flag for fraud, so be sure to explain why they differ. We take these steps to protect our customers' identity information and financial security.


In the GunBroker listing it said you can't ship to my State?

If your State or Region is mentioned in the listing, as a location we cannot ship to, then unfortunately we cannot ship some or all of our products to your State. This is for reasons like State Law prohibits it or is too vague on the topic, or a State Official like the State Attorney General is on the record for pursuing legal action against companies advertising or shipping certain products to your State.

Laws are changing all the time and it is ultimately our customers' responsibility to ensure they are compliant with the laws of their State. We encourage customers unhappy with these laws and their impact on constitutionally-protected freedoms, to get involved in the political process and work to have these laws updated, rolled back or abolished.


Can I modify or cancel my GunBroker order?

We are unfortunately unable to modify your order. We are able to cancel your order, so for any modifications the best course is to cancel your order, then re-order with your desired modifications.

To cancel your order, it is a two-step process. First, your order is cancelled, and if you have already paid the transaction is reversed so you are reimbursed. Second, we file a Credit Request with GunBroker, to recover the selling fees we were charged at the time we sold you the item. You will be notified to confirm that you agree to cancelling the order, and upon confirmation our credit will be released.

GunBroker does not look favorably on cancelling orders, and it can be a lengthy process, so we ask that you be sure about the details of your order prior to making your purchase.


When will my order ship?

All orders that are PAID before 12pm Central Time ship same day Monday - Friday.


When will my order arrive?

Please see your tracking number detail page on the USPS website.


Where is my order?

If your order is lost or delayed, please call your local Post Office: they will have more information about your shipment than we do.


If I buy 'X' number of units will you make me a deal?

Unfortunately, no. We have already applied quantity discounts in our listings (no one else does this), so if you would like to order more units, go to one our "pack" listings, and order your quantity there. The largest pack will have the greatest per-unit discount. We also offer our products at a great price from the start, to make your buying decision easy.


Do you actually have these items in stock?

YES, absolutely. As sporting goods consumers ourselves, we HATE it when vendors sell something they don't have in stock, then take OUR money to go buy it somewhere else. This oversells the market, customers are left waiting after being misled, and too many vendors use their customers' money to finance their business like an interest-free bank loan, sometimes for 6 months or more! They don't have any skin in the game! That's why we INVEST in our relationship with our customers, and we only offer what we have immediately available, in stock and ready to ship - for FREE.

How many of this item do you currently have in stock?

Simply tell us how many you need if the quantity on the listing is less than your preferred order size, and will we let you know if we can service that amount.


Where can I make a business inquiry (large commercial order, joint venture, etc.)?

Please visit our corporate site meridianmerchants.com and send us your proposal using the contact form on the page.